Proposal: renaming "scrap map"

Is there a more intuitive name than “scrap map”?

maybe scrapyard-something, just to explicitly tie it to that concept? scrapyard map, scrapyard directory, etc?


Yeah maybe scrapyard map would work, so you have:

  • scrap(s)
  • scrapyard
  • scrapyard map

That way it is very clear each concept builds on top of the previous one

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I listened to Changelog episode - solid.

Re name: I think the concept is stronger than the name. It has sat with me and I’ve slowly warmed to it.

That said my fear is ‘B2B’ adoption in the end may be slow as the narrative is, ‘boss, here is something that I picked up from the rubbish that I’d like to implement’…. Is that headwind stronger than the indie support you might get from the name and idea? I don’t know.

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