Release of first scrapscript implementation

Hi all,

@cgreg and I made an initial attempt at an implementation of Scrapscript. We have published our repository here. Please let us know what you think!

Also make sure to take a look at the web REPL.

To set expectations: we don’t guarantee that we will address any issue or merge any PR. As Taylor puts it, we promise about 9% uptime. One nine.

@max & @cgreg & @surprisetalk


Thank you so much @max and @cgreg !! It’s been great working with you on this for the past few weeks!

It’s crazy how you took my nasty scrapscript.js file and made a real thing out of it! Looking forward to adding some more features to this and updating the docs accordingly

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Yayyyyy… \o/

Btw.: I would have missed this announce if I were not following “latest” via Atom/RSS via Gwene in my news reader. Maybe using this (or Atom/RSS only) is a good idea for more than only me?

I think as long as the forum is low traffic and you already use Atom/RSS or NNTP, this may make sense for you too.

Server: (nntp)
Group :
Group :
Group :
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Aaaand it’s now MIT licensed.


@cgreg added floats. Things are moving along!

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