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Howdy! Take some time to introduce yourself to the community.

Here are some ideas:

:cowboy_hat_face: Who are you?
:earth_americas: What country do you live in?
:woman_juggling: Any hobbies or interests?
:sparkles: Have a website?
:rocket: Any dreams for scrapscript?

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Howdy! I’m Taylor.

I enjoy design, writing, and lots of laughter!

You can learn more about me at taylor.town.


Hi! Call me lim (not my real name). I live in Austria and my main hobbies are programming and TTRPGs.

I’ve been interested in the whole “AST as a hash tree” thing ever since I found IPFS and later Unison, and even though I’m still in high school, I’m trying to learn the necessary skills to perhaps one day contribute to this space myself. There are so many exciting new frontiers here.

(warning: random, half-baked, probably impractical ideas ahead)

IDEs could have a sort of “google for functions” built in, where you can search for any piece of code, anywhere, and then just reference it directly in your code. You could see all the other functions everywhere that reference it with one click. This would be especially exciting IMO for a Jupyter-like use case, or a shell.

By separating the textual and the actual binary representation of the code, you could even imagine completely different development paradigms where you don’t edit text at all. Functions could be infinitely expandable trees that you could edit with keyboard shortcuts, or you could even drag and drop code around to refactor it. Maybe you could organise it on an infinite paper-like canvas, alongside text and other scribbles. And you could still work with people who prefer traditional text-based editing, because both compile to the same basic binary hash tree.

Thinking even bigger, you could use it to build an IPFS-style internet, where pages never go down as long as there’s at least one person serving them. But more exciting is that there would no longer need to be a boundary between different origins. Each little social media comment would stand on its own, and could even include interactivity/styling/whatever! Moderation, which I don’t think works well unless it’s centralised, could be pluggable: You could have curated repositories of content, controlled by a central entity, to which post hashes are submitted, so you don’t have to be exposed to all sorts of toxic content, while if those repositories go down/get bought or whatever, you can just switch to another one and all your content is still there.

Anyways, all of this may or may not align with your vision for this project, but I’m really excited for what ScrapScript may become.


Hi I’m flo!

I’m a developer in Québec City and I love programming languages! I’ve tinkered around with Unison, Lisps, OCaml, Crystal and much more. Apart from computers, I also like reading, playing music, and cycling. I’m online here → https://flo-codes.xyz.

I would love for scrapscript to be what smalltalk and lisp could of been in term of developer experience. The scrapland browser and the attention to interactive coding with . seems like a very good starting point, can’t wait to contribute to scrapscript!

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Hello !

I’m James. I’m from California, but moved to Halifax (in Canada) a few years ago. I work in the video games industry / spend a lot of time on small game projects outside of work. Generally interested in seeing where this goes, plus have been thinking about similar ideas for use in the game project I’ve been working on in my spare time.

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Hi everyone,

I’m Cuau, from Mexico City, I’m a mathematician and developer. I’ve founded two companies and somehow manage to get an exit in one of them. In both cases I’ve been the CTO/Lead developer and built them mustly using clojure.

Happy to colaborate in this project in any shape or form.

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I’m Paul,

I’m the co-founder of a social network called Magnetic (launching in 4 weeks). I’m curious as to the possibilities ScrapScript (or something similar) might afford, as it overlaps with many of my future plans. I’ve yet to go deep on IPFS or Unison, so my knowledge is sketchy at best, but I’m happy to contribute wherever I can.

Coding on something that’s not straight product would be a welcome change of pace.

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Hey, I’m Noah! I got by ngp on most places these days, or packet_lost or ^K, and a lot of the time chiefnoah.

No, I cannot pick a single handle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m a man whose so attached to his keyboard and screen that they might as well be a part of my person.
Currently in the United States :flag_us:

Hobbies include programming, tabletop, video games, photography, and pretty much anything to do with computers.


The code versioning problem is a hard one. I think Scrapscript has some ideas that might help fix them!

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Hi! I’m Charles, going by drpyser in most places online.

I’m a software developer/tech enthusiast working in Quebec. Been interested in programming languages, especially functional ones, since I discovered programming and computer sci. about 10 years ago.
Found out about this project through the changelog interview!

Always appreciative of innovations and unconventional ideas in programming (we’re clearly far from getting on stable ground), and the ideas in this resonate a lot with me.

Will mostly lurk, don’t think I’ve much justified strong opinions to share, but l love what i see and am looking forward to playing around with early releases.

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Hi! I’m Max, mostly known as tekknolagi around the internet. I had a hobby interest in programming languages and compilers that spiraled out of control and now it’s my job. I like baking and riding bikes and writing.

For scrapscript, I think mostly I want to write little programs that run in their little VM and can talk to my friends’ little programs. I don’t want to think about NAT, or where the program is running, or anything like that. Once someone explained it to me, I liked the idea of the “personal cloud OS/VM” vision of Urbit, and this seems like it could be that without a lot of the other nonsense.

website: https://bernsteinbear.com


hello, i am ‘machine stops’

i am interested in programming language and operating system design

i stumbled upon scrapscript while looking for programming language design inspiration, and i found myself agreeing with very many of the points and desires for the language

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Hi scrapers(? :smile: )!

I live in the USA. My name is Noah/21eleven.

I like computers. Pretty interested in functional programming and type theory. Been playing around w trying to make a (toy?) library for distributed async statemachines in rust for a few weekends (inspired by this haskell library). Also been learning about nix.

I learned of scrapscript via the Show HN post many months ago. For whatever reason recently the idea kept popping back into my head but I couldn’t recall what this project was named :sweat_smile: . Finally thought to search “Functional” on the HN search and here I am. I have a hunch that the future of computing will be more decentralized and will involve modes of computing that are functional/strongly typed code wise and scrapscript seems to align w that so I’m curious about it.

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Hi there, I’m James! I’m from the US.

Like most here, I’m interested in functional programming and type theory. I really like the project’s fundamental goals and the no-nonsense implementation so far. I’m very interested in scrapscript as a shell. The potential collaborative potential with content addressed expressions is also very interesting. Overall, I see a lot of what I like about Unison and little of what I don’t. I’m hoping to contribute to this project eventually.

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Hi there! I’m Doug (or Snoop if you’re feeling generous) - https://dougthompson.co.uk

I’ve been thinking of making something like this for like a decade now, so I mainly came here to say: thank you so much for actually making this happen.

I really believe this way of computing is the future. I wish you lot every success, and I’m looking forward to seeing the project progress. :v:

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